J/24 Texas State Championship
"The Kenyon Cup"

AYC Burgee

Austin Yacht Club
March Madness Regatta
March 22-24, 2019

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J/24 Fleet 21 cordially invites you to attend the 2019 March Madness Regatta, Austin Yacht Club's traditional J/24 Circuit Stop which this year will host the J/24 Texas State Championship. We hope you can attend!

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This document contains all the information you will need to plan for the regatta. If you have any questions after reviewing this document, please contact Jorge Martin-de-Nicolas, Webmaster (jorgemdn@gmail.com) or John Parker, J/24 Fleet 21 Captain (captain@j24fleet21.org).


Table of Contents


Previous Year Results top
See links below with the results from previous years! In particular, did ya'll hear the story when four-time J/24 World Champion Mauricio Santa Cruz came to Austin Yacht Club in 2011 and got 3rd place behind two local AYC sailors? ;-)
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NOTE: The end of the story is that Mauricio Santa Cruz went to Dallas two months later and he *won* the 2011 J/24 National Championship held at Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club, so he got the last laugh! Congratulations Mauricio!


NOR and Registration — J/24 Texas State Championship top
Please find links below for the NOR and online registration for the J/24 Texas State Championship:
Bullet J/24 Texas State Championship - Notice of Race:
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Bullet J/24 Texas State Championship - Online Registration:
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Bullet J/24 Texas State Championship - Current Entries:
Spacer Entries http://www.sailingscores.com/entries.php?event_id=69


NOR and Registration — Spring Informal Regatta top
Please find links below for the NOR and online registration for the Spring Informal Regatta:
Bullet Spring Informal Regatta - Notice of Race:
Spacer NOR 2019_J24_Spring_Informal_Regatta_NOR_v17Feb2019.pdf
Bullet Spring Informal Regatta - Online Registration:
Spacer Registration http://www.sailingscores.com/register.php?event_id=67
Bullet Spring Informal Regatta - Current Entries:
Spacer Entries http://www.sailingscores.com/entries.php?event_id=67


Other Useful Links top
Please find other useful links below:
Bullet Sailflow Forecast for Lake Travis:
Spacer Sailflow Lake Travis http://old.sailflow.com/windandwhere.iws?regionID=157&siteID=1589&Isection=Forecast+Graphs
Bullet Texas 2019 J/24 Notice of Circuit:
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Bullet U.S. J/24 Class Membership (required for all helmspersons):
Spacer J/24 Class Membership http://www.j24usa.com/j24-membership/
Bullet US Sailing Membership ($10 registration fee discount with membership):
Spacer US Sailing Membership https://www.ussailing.org/membership/


Important Dates top
Here are some important dates to keep in mind:


Website Address top
If you are viewing a printed version of this page, here is the website address where you can find the latest information:


Good Morning, Lake Travis top
Good Morning Lake Travis
Good Morning, Lake Travis Photo Anne Morley (AYC Telltale January / February 2016)


J/24 Texas State Championship — The Kenyon Cup top
Welcome to the 2019 edition of the J/24 Texas State Championship to be held at the Austin Yacht Club March 22-24, 2019.

As is customary, the winners of the 2019 J/24 Texas State Championship will be awarded "The Kenyon Cup" perpetual trophy after having their names engraved on the base.

Winning "The Cup" is not an easy task. In 2011 the J/24 Texas State Championship was held at AYC and four-time J/24 World Champion Mauricio Santa Cruz was on the line with Bruschetta. It was a highly competitive regatta and Bruschetta came in third place behind two of our local AYC J/24 sailors, so competition for "The Cup" is always guaranteed to be fierce!

Mauricio Santa Cruz came back to Texas in May that same year and he went on to win the J/24 U.S. National Championship held at Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club which coincided with the 3rd regatta of the J/24 Texas Circuit that year. Congratulations Mauricio! We are looking forward to you coming back and sailing with us again at AYC!

Starting in 2011 Texas was gripped by an extreme four year drought and in 2012 the J/24 Texas State Championship was held at Lakewood Yacht Club in conjunction with J/Fest, where "The Cup" was presented to the winners, Corey Harding and Team Happy Dance, by Rodney Johnstone, designer of the J/24.

It took four years for Lake Travis to recover from the drought and in 2016 The Kenyon Cup and the J/24 Texas State Championship returned to its traditional host, Austin Yacht Club.

Kenyon Cup

LEFT : The Kenyon Cup trophy — RIGHT : Presentation of the Kenyon Cup at J/Fest 2012: Team Happy Dance winners Matt Huebner, Corey Harding, and Matt Sebring, along with Rod Johnstone, designer of the J/24 and Kelly Holmes-Moon, president of the US J/24 Class.


Framed Trophy top
If you win the regatta, your boat's name and crew name will be engraved on the base of "The Kenyon Cup" perpetual trophy... and you get to take "The Cup" home... and you get to display it over your mantelpiece... and be the envy of your neighborhood, haha!!! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and you gotta give it back next year, alas! ;-)

But, to remind you of your achievement, you also get a nice framed burgee trophy you can hang on your wall... and that one you can keep for-EVAH!!!

Admit it, you know you wanna win it, dontcha?

Framed Trophy


Crew Trophies top
Admit it... the skipper is nothing without the crew!!! ;-) Therefore we make sure the crew goes home with some hardware too!

Crew Trophies


Prior Weekend Activities — March 16-17 top
Why race only two days when you can race more? ;-) For competitors who are able to arrive at AYC the weekend prior to the March Madness regatta, we have two more days of racing planned for you, as follows: Informal Regatta Course We hope that ya'll can come on down a week early to Lake Travis and join us for one or both of these tune-up events to see what racing at Austin Yacht Club is all about!


Welcome to AYC top
Welcome to Austin Yacht Club! This section has all the information you need to be well-oriented during your stay at AYC! We want you to feel like one of the locals... Oh, wait... We want ya'll to feel like one of the locals when you arrive ;-)


Directions to AYC top
Austin Yacht Club is located at 5906 Beacon Drive, Austin, TX 78734-1428.

NOTE: If you use a smartphone, and if you click on the above link, your mapping software may (or may *not*) take you to the right location ;-) It has been reported (and verified) that depending on the mapping software on your phone, you may end up in the *wrong* location!!! Please study the pictures below, and please make sure your mapping software is taking you to the right place :-)

Directions to AYC


AYC Grounds Layout top
The map below shows the layout of the AYC grounds, including the locations of the front gate, the AYC clubhouse, the work area and boat hoist, the dry slip area for parking boats and trailers (by special prior arrangement), the AYC point for parking trailers (for those who have not made other arrangements), the north ramp used for launching and retrieving, and the main AYC harbor.

AYC Grounds


Early Arrival/Late Departure top
An agreement has been made with the Austin Yacht Club to accommodate visiting J/24 competitors up to one week prior to the J/24 Texas State Championship regatta. Please contact John Parker (captain@j24fleet21.org) if you would like bring your boat to the Austin Yacht Club prior to Friday March 22, 2019 so that a dry slip can be provided if available.

There is currently not an agreement with the Austin Yacht Club to accommodate visiting J/24 competitors following the regatta. Please contact John Parker (captain@j24fleet21.org) if you believe that you need to leave your boat at the Austin Yacht Club after Sunday March 24, 2019.


Mast Raise/Lower top
The Austin Yacht Club has two (2) mast cranes for raising and lowering your mast. Feel free to use either mast crane for this purpose. The red circles identify the location of the cranes on the map below.


AYC Mast Cranes


Launching and Retrieving top
As Lake Travis is a variable level lake, there is not a fixed boat hoist used to launch boats, and the J/24 fleet at AYC launches boats directly from trailers using the concrete ramps.

We recognize that not all J/24 trailers are designed for launching or retrieving efficiently using concrete ramps and our fleet will provide assistance for competitors without adequate trailers. If necessary, we will provide local trailers to assist launching and retrieving and we will swap trailers using the AYC hoist in the work area.

Assistance will be provided to help competitors launch boats from the North Ramp during the evening on Friday March 22 until 10:00 pm and to help retrieve boats on Sunday March 24 following racing.

If you have any questions or expect to need assistance launching your boat please advise David Broadway (dbroadway7@gmail.com) or John Parker (captain@j24fleet21.org).


Rigging and Docking top
The rigging dock at the North Ramp is regularly used for rigging, but is not intended to be used for boat docking overnight. Please move your boat away from the rigging dock as soon as feasible.

All boats that do not have a permanent wet-slip should plan to dock at the T-heads in the AYC Harbor on Friday and Saturday evenings (green areas on the AYC harbor map below). If additional wet-slip spaces are available, competitors will be advised during onsite registration on a first-come first-served basis.

Overnight Docking


Trailer Parking top
An attempt will be made to provide those arriving prior to Friday March 22, 2019 with a designated dry slip to park their boat and trailer.

Through the regatta, trailers should be parked in either an assigned slip in the pre-specified dry-slip area (gray area on the AYC grounds map above) or at the AYC point (purple area on the AYC grounds map above).


Regatta Food top
The following food will be available throughout the March Madness weekend for all competitors. Saturday breakfast & lunch, and Sunday breakfast is included with the registration fee, along with Friday appetizers and post race snacks. Saturday night dinner will be available for purchase by competitors if desired.


Friday March 22 — Appetizers top
When: 6:00 pm — 7:00 pm
Where: AYC Clubhouse
What: During the last hour of Friday Registration we will be providing, ummm, our favorite J/24 Texas State Championship appetizer, ummm... Bruschetta, of course! ;-)



Saturday March 23 — Breakfast top
When: 8:00 am — 9:00 am
Where: AYC Clubhouse
What: During the final hour of Registration, breakfast will be served for the competitors. Breakfast tacos, bagels, cream cheese, juice, and fruit will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to prepare for the coming day of sailing. Enjoy some of the local breakfast-taco fare from one of our favorite restaurants on "the Bend", Los Pinos.



Saturday March 23 — Lunch top
When: 8:30 am
Where: AYC Clubhouse
What: Prior to the day's racing, feel free to put together a meal of sandwiches, chips, and a sweet snack for you and your crew. The food will be available for personal meal construction on a first-come, first-served basis.



Saturday March 23 — Post-Race Social top
When: After Saturday Racing
Where: AYC Clubhouse
What: After racing on Saturday, there will be a beer-social for the competitors to take a few minutes and unwind after their day of racing. During the social, expect that the 2018 J/24 Texas Circuit Awards presentation will occur, including Road Warrior recognition for all crews who participated in all circuit stops last year.


Saturday March 23 — Dinner Blue Basil Food Truck top

Blue Basil Logo

For dinner Saturday night we are happy to announce that Austin's famous Blue Basil food truck will be available at AYC serving their delicious Thai/Asian cuisine!

Blue Basil has been faithfully serving the Austin business community for over five years and their food truck has become a well-known favorite of many high-tech office buildings in Austin where it comes by on a regular rotation.

Their exact menu on Saturday night may be different than what we show below, but here is a sample of their typical menu:





Blue Basil Food Truck


Sunday March 24 — Breakfast top
When: 7:00 am — 8:00 am
Where: AYC Clubhouse
What: Prior to the final two races on Sunday, breakfast will be served for the competitors. Breakfast tacos, bagels, cream cheese, juice, and fruit will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Sunday March 24 — Post-Race Snack top
When: After Racing
Where: AYC Clubhouse
What: Snack foods and beer will be available in the AYC clubhouse following racing on Sunday, prior to and during the Awards Ceremony.


Entertainment top

For Friday and Saturday nights, March 22 and 23, we have some entertainment options available for you, as detailed below.


Friday Night "Hoppy Hour" — March 22 top

After registration Friday night, come hang out at Infamous Brewing Company the local "watering hole" just around the corner from AYC!

Infamous Brewing Company

When: Friday March 22, after Registration 'til 9:00 pm

Infamous Brewery
4602 Weletka Dr., Austin, TX 78734
View Map

Infamous Brews

Currently On Tap

Other Creations & Options

Check out their Facebook page to learn more: https://www.facebook.com/InfamousBrewing/

Infamous Grounds

Infamous Bonfire


Saturday Night At The Movies — March 23 top

After dinner Saturday night, bring out the popcorn and get ready for Saturday Night At The Movies!!! This year's movie will be... well... see below... no introduction is really necessary...

Captain Ron


Other Dining Options top
Who are you kidding? You *know* you wanna just stay at AYC Saturday night after racing, eat at the Blue Basil food truck, watch Captain Ron, and not have to worry about driving... You know you wanna... But, just in case, here are some other restaurants near Hudson Bend:


Austin Nightlife top
And if you are looking to get into Austin, here are some great areas and places to check out the local nightlife:




Regatta Apparel top
Continuing with our tradition for the J/24 Texas State Championship, we are ordering cool tek-shirts you can wear year-round and cool hats with The Kenyon Cup embroidered logo. T-Shirts are $29 and caps are $15.

These high quality shirts are white long sleeve Sport-Tek PosiCharge Competitor Tee ST350LS with a silk screened design in front and in back as shown below. Sizes available are: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Order one or more for you and do not forget about your crew!

Regatta T-Shirt


You Are a Supah-STAR :-) top
Look Ma, my name's on the shirt! :-) If your boat has been on the J/24 Texas Circuit within the past couple of years, your boat name will be represented on the back of the shirt!
Regatta T-Shirt Back


Accommodations top
When visiting Austin Yacht Club, you have several lodging options including area hotels, nearby AirBnB and VRBO rentals, as well as camping or cabin rental on the grounds at AYC. Please see more details below.


Camping top
Remember that camping is allowed at AYC! We are fortunate that our club has ample lawns and shade trees where you are encouraged to camp for the regatta and where you will enjoy beautiful views of Lake Travis.

AYC Camping Photo

Please camp only in the areas shown in green in the map below. Please do not camp on the St. Augustine grass around the clubhouse or around the flagpole or swimming pool. The bathhouse has showers and hot water and is open 24 hours.

AYC Camping Area


AYC Cabins top
AYC has five cabins which are available for rent for participants of the March Madness regatta. Each cabin has two double beds, en-suite bathroom, and kitchenette area. If you would like to stay in one of our cabins, please contact the AYC office:


Our cabins book quickly on regatta weekends so please book ahead if you would like to stay at AYC.

AYC Cabins


Nearby Hotels top
This year our March Madness regatta does not coincide with the SXSW festival in Austin and new hotels have recently opened closer to AYC so we don't anticipate hotels being as fully booked as in previous years. Here is a list of nearby hotels:


Lake Travis Map top
Lake Travis Map


Sponsors top
Please take a moment to thank our sponsors (listed alphabetically below). Without their generous support many aspects of this regatta would not have been possible.


Bartlett Sails top

Sponsor Bartlett SailsSponsor Bartlett Sails



Infamous Brewing Company top

Sponsor Infamous Brewing Company



UK Sailmakers Texas top

Sponsor UK Sailmakers Texas



White Pelican Productions top

Sponsor White Pelican Productions



March Madness Photo Gallery top
Two professional photographers from AYC, Deborah Mathison and Bill Records were on hand during the March Madness Regatta in 2016 and they made their full resolution images available to all competitors! Thank you Deborah and thank you Bill for making your images available!


Deborah Mathison Photos top
Click image below to see an album with Deborah's photos from 2016:

Deborah Mathison Photos


Bill Records Photos top
Click image below to see an album with Bill's photos from 2016:

Bill Records Photos


Previous Years — Gallery top
Here are some select images from previous editions of the March Madness Regatta!

J/24 Image J/24 Image J/24 Image J/24 Image J/24 Image J/24 Image


See ya'll soon top
Hope to see ya'll soon, and don't forget your good ole' Texas BBQ!

J/24 Image